Babies Class

Sarah Kilts
Simply Play Kids (location map)
Tuesday, 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
07/09/19 - 08/20/19 (6 weeks)

Babies are always welcome in the mixed-age class or if they are 8 months or younger they can take the special “Babies Class”. Every child’s development benefits from early exposure to music and movement and this class is a one-semester introduction to Music Together®.

Music Together's one-semester Babies Class is for families with infants from birth through eight months of age. In this class, the activities are specifically designed to teach you how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with your baby through music using methods such as "purposeful touch," "sound-layering," "dancing for baby," etc. The activities and songbook are specifically designed for babies and aim to give the parents as much information and support as possible so that they can learn about their baby’s musical development. It’s a great opportunity to meet with other parents of newborns while learning many activities you can enjoy at home with your baby. And since our Babies Class uses the same song collections as our other classes, you will experience a seamless transition as your baby grows into our mixed-age class experience.